In this video I look at Happiness. Everyone wants to be happy, but do you know what can help you become happy? watch this video and get a few interesting tips.

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Mediatation, Buddhism and Me

Find out about Lamrim and how it can help you, and what all of the 21 meditations are.
I hope you enjoy this video. Dont forget to subscribe to my channel and happy meditating.

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The dalai Lama – How long can he keep this up?

How long can the Dalai Lama really avoid the Dorje Shugden issue?
I would have thought there would be only so much he can do, and so long he can go, before he has to speak. Surely people in the western world are starting to see that something isnt right with the Dalai Lama. As they hear more and more about his actions towards innocent monks, his banning of them to his teachings and even worse things.

Surely people are starting to get suspicious, and they are right to be suspicious. In a world where Human rights and Democracy and now on the agenda and we can actually do something in a non violent way. Surely it is our job NOW as Shugden practitioners to get the world to talk about these human rights issues.

I always remember something in the teachings that said, if you can do something about a problem, then address it and deal with it, if you cant then do not get angry and stressed.

As Shugden Practitioners we CAN do something about this, we CAN speak out from a personal perspective, and tell the world about these violations of human rights that are going on right now!! that is not taking a negative or angry mind as we have compassion for the Dalai Lama, but we also have compassion for the Monks and Nuns and the suffering they are going through.
We have a responsibility to tell the world, and get the Dalai Lama to talk and explain his actions.
#dalailamatruth #dalailama #democracy #humanrights



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I have been thinking about ‘Happiness’ as it seems to be everywhere at the moment.  It is sort of like the next ‘new’ thing.  But thats whats so funny, I think since the beginning of time when humans walked the earth, they have wanted happiness. 

ImageHappiness is a funny thing too, as it is not an object, you cant hold it or buy it.  That is where I think our western society has gone wrong.  In the western society we place so much emphasis on making money and buying objects.  It is commonly thought that you are successful and HAPPY if you MAKE LOTS OF MONEY and you will be happy if you BUY LOTS OF THINGS.  But that is wrong, as happiness does not come from the things we surround ourself with, happiness comes from within, and the sooner we realize this, the nearer to true everlasting happiness we can be.

Some people believe that buying a BIG house will make them happy……


But in reality to get a house like this you will need to work loads and loads, so you can accumulate lots of cash to spend on the house, you will need a huge mortgage and you may worry about paying your bills each month.  The funny thing is that once you have this house you may well want a bigger one in the future.  Also because you will need to earn lots of cash it is that which will drive you.  But you can take money with you when you go, and it wont bring you happiness.  As happiness comes from within, so you can be in a big house like the one above, but if you are upset or stressed then in reality you are not happy, so this house that you dreamed of in reality cannot bring you happiness.

But surely if you have money it can make you happy?


But in reality this cannot bring us happiness either, we can have lots of money and still be sad, as money itself cannot bring happiness from its side.  Money is essentially useless, it is an object that we as a society has put a value on, but it is essentially useless, of course we need some to keep food in our mouth, but we dont need millions, in fact having lots of money can actually make us more unhappy.

Happiness come from within, so no matter where we are, how much money we have we can remain happy all the time.  But how do we do this?  Well I am going to record a video to further explain this, so keep an eye out for it.  In the meantime, place more emphasis on family friends, being virtuous, giving help to others and thinking more about others than yourself and you will be on the way to it.


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A Special Day

Everyday is a special day, but I think sometimes we forget this. We need to use the opportunities that are given to us to be as virtuous as possible and in doing so become happier.
I wrote this tune while at University in Hull. I was trying to get to sleep and this tune popped into my head. I hope you enjoy the tune.

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Sam’s YouTube Channel

Hi Everyone,
I now have a YouTube Channel, so watch the video and find out what its all about.

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HELP HELP – SIGN THE PETITION – Sengwer being illegally evicted from their homes

——————- HELP SIGN THE PETITION NOW!!!——————–
On January 16th 2014 the Government of Kenya started burning families’ grass-thatch houses (containing all their possessions, including food and clothes) in an effort to illegally evict the Sengwer community from their   ancestral lands in the Embobut area of the Cherangany Hills, Western Kenya. This action violates the Sengwer’s human rights as protected by the constitution and international law. Hundreds of families are now homeless and without shelter or food. http://www.sengweraid.co.uk

We need your help – please sign the petition:


We urgently need to fund the legal effort to stop these appalling evictions.

To donate funds to help the Sengwer please visit JustGiving: https://www.justgiving.com/SupportSengwerLegalBattle

Please help us in our efforts to challenge this injustice and help the Sengwer people. http://www.sengweraid.co.uk

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