Welcome to my blog ‘Live 4 u now’

This blog is aimed at anyone interested in healthy eating, juicing, exercise, meditation and general well being.  So if you want to live healthier and maybe even live longer because of it, then this is the place for you, welcome 🙂


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6 Responses to Welcome to my blog ‘Live 4 u now’

  1. Pippa Noble says:

    Hi Sam! Looking good.

  2. Motivated me already….did 10 mins exercising this morning; looked up the tides for Hornsea, so just off for walk along the beach..taken a notebook to write in. Thanks Sam

    • sampirt says:

      Thats great Denise, keep up the good work!!
      Keep an eye out here, I am going to be adding to this in time, and telling abit about what drove me to set the blog up. 🙂
      Happy walking 🙂

  3. I started blogging on Organic gardening yesterday Sam. This looks great.

  4. Lorraine says:

    It’s easier to live a healthy, wholesome life – so why do we find it so difficult? We need a motivator! Thanks Sam. I’ll get back on track now spring is in the air and will get lots more meditation in Sri Lanka in May – yay!

    • sampirt says:

      Unfortunatly I think we get distracted by lazy minds and rich foods, but when you eat well it really does make you feel a whole lot better! Enjoy your meditation in Sri Lanka, but why wait till you get out there! start to meditate now and you will probably have better meditations when you get to Sri Lanka!! Hope you well, take care 🙂

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