This is CRAZY!!!

I originally posted this on Feb 19th on Facebook but I want to repost it here because it is truely CRAZY!!  just how many calories you can get hold of for just £2!!

Could not belive it today!!!!
I went into a leading supermarket chain today to pick up some fruit and veg and was bombarded by offers on unhealthy food.
Here is what you could buy –
a pack of 4 full size chocolate bars for a £1 (1100 total cal !! )
a pack of two mini cheese melt pizza’s for £1 (896 total cal !! )
so for just £2 you could fill yourself with a total of 1996 Calories!!


And we wonder why we are getting bigger!!  The easiest way is just NOT to buy them at all!

If supermarkets want to promote healthy eating then why is there not more offers on Fruit and veg!  The chocolate bars & pizza are just FULL of empty calories and lots salt, sugar & fat.  By eating these food you will be getting very few vitamins, minerals which will just lead to your body craving more ‘live’ food.  So dont eat rubbish, look after yourself, and eat nice wholesome live food like fruit, veg, pulses & grains and feel ALIVE!!



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