Whats in a cigarette?

So today is national no smoking day and so it only seems right to do a post about smoking.

The thing is I could have easily put up pictures of black cancered lungs, or of may other things which smoking causes.  But I wanted to really let you decide.  Smoking is after all a life style choice, all be it one that shortens it.  But if you make a choice to smoke then you need to also expect and accept the conciquences.

I thought the best approach is to look what makes up a cigarette, then you can decide if you REALLY want the next cigarette or not.

So here is what makes up a regular cigarette…..


Now I dont know about you but the cigarette above looks HIGHLY TOXIC!!! You might as well eat rat posion!! (dont of course)  If you choose to smoke and inhale all the toxins, let them get absorbed by every cell of your body, then feel free, but I dont know, its not really doing it for me.

The choice is YOURS!!

Every cigarette you smoke also shortens you life by 11min’s (http://www.medicalnewstoday.com)

Now just think what you could do with that time!  So if you were to smoke a box of 20 cigarettes, you would loose 220 mins!!!!  That 3 hours, 40mins!!!!

So the choice is yours, go on GIVE UP NOW on National no smoking day!!

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