Real ‘Feel good’ Foods

So this is quite an area to explore as there are many foods we eat that we think make us feel good, when in the long run they dont.  Carbs are one sort of food type that seem to give us this cosy, wrapped up warm feeling.  That starchy softness of potato or that pull of some fresh baked white bread. 

But I am so sorry folks but those food dont actually make you REALLY feel good.  They just send you into a digestive coma as your body despiratly tries to unravel these complex carbs you have just stuffed you body full of, and in truth, is that really feel good??


OK so if all that carby, potato, cheese, white bread, white pasta etc.. is not feel good food


  • Brazil nuts – These are a great source of Selenium, which can maintain your mood and prevent depression


  • Curly Kale – Is VERY high in folic acid, important as low levels of folic acid have been linked to depression – some Kale each day, keeps depression away!


  • Legumes – A bean of any nature, soy, kidney, Aduki, as well as offering slowly digested carbs also helps regulate the nurotransmitter that lifts your mood


  • Blueberrys – These tiny berrys of goodness not only taste great, they are also full of vitamin C & antioxidants that is belived to reduce stress


  • Avacardo – These boost your seretonin levels and also contain B6 which all helps to lift your mood.


  • Oatmeal – This also encourages the production on serotonin


So if you choose your food correctly then the food you eat can actually work in your favour and help to lift your mood.  So give it a try and help yourself be happy, really happy  🙂

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