Relax with Usui Reiki

As well as being a musician, I am also a Reiki Master.  This means as well as giving Reiki treatments I can also train people up to be able to give treatments as well.

Reiki is a form of complimentary therapy that a Buddhist monk developed.  My Liniage goes right back to him, and I practice purely with the intention to take the suffering away from all my clients who come to see me, and who train with me, to leave them happier and more relaxed in life.

Reiki uses the universal life force that we are surrounded by and channels this to the client.  When they experience this pure, loving, warm energy it makes them feel so relaxed and at peace.  It can also get rid of aches and pains, and the more Reiki you get, the better you feel!!  Often heat can be felt coming from my hands during treatments.


I never cease to be amazed by the reults I get from my Reiki practice!  IAll I can say is that as long as you have the right motivation, amazing results seem to just happen.

Meditation is a big part of Reiki, as well as self treatment.  This is vital as a practitioner as you can cure until you are cured yourself.  I have found that in the time I have been training people up, my students have definitly developed on a very deep level as well as getting everything in the right place around them, which is at times not easy!!

So if you have any questions about my Reiki, want a treatment, or interested in learning how to do it.  Then just get in touch.


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