International Day of Happiness!

Did you know that today is International Day of Happiness?  Well it is 🙂 

Are you happy? or are you sad?  or just in between?

Happiness is what everyone wants, but we are surrounded by suffering that can just make us feel sad and upset.  But happiness can be possible if we train our mind and learn to see things for what they are.  Unfortunatly we live in an impure world, with impure foods that poison us with their sugars, fats and chemicals.  We also live an an impure world full of chemicals, GM crops and impurities.  Then our minds are full of delusions that can make us feel stressed, greedy, selfish and angry.  😦 But this isnt very happy is it! 

But I think once we know this, we can begin to change our mind and find our own inner peace.  Once we come to the terms with the fact, things dont last forever, we will all die, cheesecake wont make you happy (however much you eat)  then we can stop reaching out to these things as percieved sources of happiness, in truth they are just changing suffering.

What we want is inner peace, and for that you just need a calm mind, completly free from delusions and attachments to our impure world.  Only then you can begin to experience true happiness. 

So start to cherish others, show compassion and love for others.  Because the more you focus on others the happier you will become 🙂


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