Keeping your Fruit & Veg Fresh??

So you decide to Juice, and you buy TONS of carrots, apples, ginger, cucumber, celery, avacardos, lemon, but how do you store them?

Well I have two baskets on the bottom of my fridge, (like pic below)

Basket 1 – I put my carrots, beets, celery in

Basket 2 – I put my apples, ginger in

On the shelf above I put my cucumbers, kale & Spinach

On the shelf above I put my pineapple on a little board that I use with it and store the pineapple upside down no the cut edge is against the board.

I the door I keep my avacardos.

On my worktop I keep my superfood, wheatgrass & Hemp powder & my friendly bacteria 🙂

Where ever possible I always try to remove the plastic if it is wrapped up, I try to buy local so often this is not a problem, but try to store the veg loose as it lasts longer I find.

So there you go, I find this system works really well for me, but you need to find the methods that work for you.


This pic is not MY fridge but you can see the sort of baskets I use.

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