Water, do you drink enough?


Water is one of the best drinks we can ever drink, it has so many benifits, but it is so overlooked.  In todays society you can go out and just drink water! can you?  Well I do and have no problem asking for it.  Drinking water can even help you loose weight!!

But we often think that to have a ‘drink’ it must contain either sugar, or alchol, but in my mind a drink is a drink so who cares if you just want water!

Soda, or fizzy drinks are ladened with sugars, sweetners and just bad news!!  They dont totally refresh you and will porobably help you to put on some more pounds!


Did you know –

Rising consumption of sugary drinks has been a major contributor to the obesity epidemic.

A typical 20-ounce soda contains 15 to 18 teaspoons of sugar and upwards of 240 calories. A 64-ounce fountain cola drink could have up to 700 calories.

Taken from http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/sugary-drinks-fact-sheet/



Buut make sure you drink enough water, each day.

As a result you probably wont feel as hungry too 🙂


Try where possible to filter your water

DO NOT drink water out of plastic bottles you leave in your car!  Use a nice aluminium bottle to keep your water in!

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