Psyllium Husks – A Fibre Provider

One big question I that always comes up when I tell people how much I juice is –

Where do you get your fibre from?

That would be a good question as when you Juice, by its very nature its gets rid of all the fibre.  But dont forget that that is one reason why you can absorb all the nutrients from the juice so fast. 

Fibre is important and a way of getting fibre back into your juices is to juice some ingredients and blend some other ingredients together, like my MIGHTY GREEN JUICE.

If you dont have time for blending, and just want to juice, but add fibre then you need Psyllium Husks.  They are very light, but swell up when added to liquid.  When taken you need to drink lots of liquid.  They are excellent for cleaning you insides out! and keeping you moving!

All you do is add a spoonful or two and shake up and drink.  They can sink to the bottom a bit so you will keep needing to stir your juice.  But I think they are a very easy way to take in fibre, while keeping you on track with your juice 🙂


I also have a great way of using Psyllium Husks to make a healthy raw cacao powder chocolate dessert moose, yum yum.  

That is coming soon, so keep posted to find out how to make it!

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