The Choice is YOURS!

Apparently it has been shown that everyday we make 200 food choices! about what to eat, not eat, buy next week, want to buy and eat, what not to buy, how much to eat etc…  So once you know this you can start to take a hold of your diet in a BIG way. 

Make the right choices, get the right results,

Make the wrong choices and get the wrong results


So how do you make the RIGHT choices?

Stick to food that gives you life, fresh, wholesome, living, raw, whole food.  Stay away from ALL processed food, then you will find yourself eating a great diet full of fruit and veg and you will feel great.

But thats hard isnt it?

It is hard if you want it to be hard, but its easy if you decide it will be easy.  Here are a couple of tips that I live by and my food consumption (even on the road on tour) has got far far healthier.

Here is how to do it –

  • You know it is time to eat, so you go and get something
  • Look at the food options around you, REALLY LOOK, whats there
  • Go beyond the takeaways, they often dont have loads to offer
  • Yes there will normally be chips, chrisps & cola available – STAY AWAY FROM THEM!
  • Can you tell what the food is made out of (ie has it been processed, mashed up, stuff added, or is it a bean salad or coos coos)
  • If you can tell what it is made from, think, has it been home made?
  • If not, look at the ingredients, anything you cant understand on there? if there is stay away! if you know what everything is go ahead and eat it.
  • How colourful is the food (pale foods like pastry, bread are all complex carbs and not great, stay away!)
  • how fresh is the food, has it been made that day, or not?
  • By doing this you are actuially becoming a mindful eater, the more mindful you are about the things that pass your lips then the more control you can take a bout the foods you eat. 
  • Remember EVERYTHING you eat has a direct effect on you health, physical & mental well being, so treat your self well and eat well! 



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