Exercise – Cant wait!

Who would have thought it, I am actually looking forward to my morning exercise tomorrow.  I didnt manage to fit it in this morning, and I have missed it.  But I have planned a good day tomorrow!

Here is my plan, this wont happen everyday.  But I ALWAYS do 40 mins on my rebounder, no matter what!  So here is tomorrows plan –

  1. 20min circuit train – every other day
  2. 40min rebounder – Every day
  3. 50min swim – aim to do this twice a week
  4. 1hr Kettlercise (exercise with kettlebells) – aim to do this once a week

So how much exercise are you doing?

REMEMBER that I have built up this over the 11 months I have been doing my new fitness regime.  But seriously any movement you can incorporate into your day will be benificial and will make you feel SO SO much better!!  So get moving now, be it a 10min walk or a 50min swim, as long as your moving your exerciseing!!!!


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