Bring mindfulness into your day and keep stress away


Mindfulness, the act of doing one virtuous thing in the now


The practice of mindfulness is a great practice, and to become mindful takes training of our mind as we are surrounded, and we surround, ourselves with so many distractions.  Mindfulness is being able to carry out just one task, action or thought, right now with a virtuous intent, and that  is where inner peace can be found.

Each time we try to be mindful we will become aware of how deluded our mind is, how it thinks it wants this, it wants that, it likes this it doesnt like that, and before we know it our mind will be in a whirl wind!

Exercise in Mindfulness

  • Take 2 identical apples
  • sit them on a table next to each other
  • pick up the apple on the left, walk around the room, look out the window, turn the tv on and eat the apple at the same time.
  • Write down what the apple tasted of, if anything at all


  • Now before you pick up the apple on the right – Look at it, what are the colours like in the skin, what shape is it, does it have any blemishes?
  • Now pick uit up, how big is it, how cold is it?
  • now take a bite, how juicy is it, how chrispy is it, what flavours can you taste?
  • finish your mouthful before taking another bite
  • conitnue in this way until you have finished your apple
  • Now write down how the second apple tasted like.

The list will probably be  alot longer for the second apple than the first bcause you eat it mindfully.  Give it a try!

Apply this to life and life can seem calmer and more meaningful.




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