JUICE your imagination!

Ok so maybe you are new to juicing or you have been doing it a while.  This post is all about going beyond the recipes you follow.  There are a few tips you can use so you end up with GOOD tasting Juice.

Sweetening your juice

Juice that is not ‘sweetend’ can taste very hardcore and not enjoyable.  To be able to Juice regularly you need to ENJOY your juice.  So remeber the tips below and you will be fine –

  • Use Lemon to sweeten, but lemon is a strong acid, but it does wonders of alkalising you body!
  • Use Apples, these are great sweeteners, add one or two and you will be fine.
  • Pinapple is a VERY Strong sweetener, and with that I mean you can take the most full on juices with EVERYTHING in it, add a 2cm slice of pineapple and it transforms the juice into sheer joy
  • Carrots can also be used as a sweetener if you want to steer away from fruit sugars

Thickening your Juice

Some good thickeners you can use are –

  • avacardos – these give your juice a creamy taste
  • Bananas – These can be added fresh to sweeten, put them in the freezer first then add them and they cool your juice at the same time!
  • Kale, spinach, watercress – give your juice a healthy kick
  • Add fibre – Psyllium Husks are a great way of thickening your juice

Suppliment your Juice & BOOST your Juice

  • Simply by adding Supergreens, Wheatgrass, Piruline, Hemp, Maca, Chlorella Powder and give yourself a lift!!

Then its down to you, stick what ever you want in, be inventive, imaginative and fuel your body on a cellular level with natures love.

Happy Juicing!!


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