Count down to Fast UPDATE 3

Well its nearly time for the fast to kick in.  I have all the ingredients, my juicer & blender are working, and most importantly my mind is well on form for the fast, looking forward to it!!

I am on countdown – BRING IT ON!!


One wierd thing I have found in the last two days is snacking.  I Just seemed to be piggin out on peanuts & rasins!!  like because ‘i could’ ie not on my fast.  Yet I knew I was having to much but I just could not stop eating them VERY WEIRD!!!!  Anyhow, no more left now, which is good, buying no more for a while!!

Tomorrow I will also give you my starting weight, waist, arms and thighs measurement!!


I have even bought a nice new glass for my juices in the week, looks a bit like the one below 🙂


But hey hopefully me doing this will inspire others to join in on a fast or just give Juicing a go!!!  I am doing it for me to BE healthier, fitter and live longer.  Life is to live and I want to live it, as much of it as I can!! and Juice seems to have the answer!!

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