Juice Fast – Day 2 of 5…

Its all going well so far, last night I even managed to play a gig and have enough energy, no worries.  Each day If I want I can have a ‘Hunger SOS’ (a Nked bar or avacardo) but I did not need it so didnt have it.

This morning I started with my ginger shot AMAZING, then have just had my morning juice and lunch juice.  All the Juices are tasting great.  I paticularly liked the Ruby Tuesday.  Look below for the recipe –

Ruby Tuesday
Pineapple x 1/4 medium (with or without the skin, depending on your juicer)
Carrots x 2 medium
RAW Beetroot x 1 small bulb
Fresh Ginger Root x ½ cm chunk
Fresh Basil x 4 sprigs with leaves 
Ice Cubes x 1 small handful
No Brown Sugar (sorry just a little ref to a Stones track)

How To Create

Juice all the ingredients but make sure you sandwich the basil and ginger in between the other ingredients to ensure maximum juice


Also this morning I had to fit in a meeting, which went well.  Keep an eye out on here for more news about that, exciting!!.  Also I have also fitted in my morning meditation, Rebounding and later today I am off to my Kettlecise then running a music workshop this evening.

So you could say I am busy, but I have honestly had no trouble with my energy levels on my fast and feeling SO SO good!!


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