Banana Berry Scrummyness!!

So yesterday morning I started my day with this Juice.  Now this juice is AMAZING!!  Not only does it taste great but it is also amazingly good for your body.  It does contain natutal yoghurt, which you choose to change for a non dairy option or just not add, thats up to you. 

So here is the recipe, enjoy –

Berry Banana Crunch
Golden Delicious Apples x 2
Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Strawberries x 2 handfuls in total (fresh or frozen*)
Natural Yogurt x 2 tablespoons
Banana x ½
Mixed Seeds x 1 tablespoon
Ice Cubes x 1 handful

•    Feel free to buy a bag of frozen mixed berries even if they contain slightly different berries. Alternatively, if a certain berry is in season and you want to use just one type, again feel free.

Juice the apples and pour into the blender. Add all the berries, natural yogurt, banana, seeds and ice and blend for a just a few seconds. Top Tip: if you use frozen berries there is no need to add extra ice to the blender.


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