Juice fast – DAY 4 of 5

I am still alive, in fact I am feeling positvly HIGH!!  I think its what you call a Juice High.  Loving the juices, and as i write this I am enjoying the loverly ‘Natures Super Blend’ Yum Yum.  If this is what nature tastes like, GIVE ME MORE!!!

It is the first time I have used a green pepper in juice but it really is nice, even though I only used a quarter of it in the juice it really gives the juice a clean pure taste to it.  I can see why Jason put this juice on day four as it is alittle bit more ‘hardcore’ lets say than Banana Berry Crunch, that lets face it just tastes like a strawberry milkshake!!

Overall Day 4 so far, having done my meditation, rebounding, ginger shot & first juice, I am feeling great.  I can REALLY recommend doing a juice fast to anyone!

Downside, I did feel a touch tired last night, but I have a Snack SOS with a nighttime cuppa and all was well. 🙂

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