Juice fast DAY 5 of 5 – The last day, or is it??

So I have made it to DAY 5! The ‘official’ last day of the juice fast, but I am actually going to be continuing to juice, just like I have for the last 11 months.  I really like Juicing.  Also I do have a Sponsored 10 Day juice fast coming up in about a week and a half, so that will be good.

I have found this juice fast ok, I have kept doing everything I would have done normally with good energy, except last night.  I definitly did have a drop of energy last night, but other than that I have been fine.

Right now I have just done my morning meditation and about to do my re-bounding, but, I feel full.  I am honestly not hungry at all!!  But I am still going to have my morning juice as normal and see how we go from there.

I can completly recomnmed doing my juice fast!!  and if you wondering about my stats, well I will let you know them tomorrow morning, see how much I have lost!!

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One Response to Juice fast DAY 5 of 5 – The last day, or is it??

  1. Judith says:

    well done easy once you get into the swing of things.

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