Juice Fast results- Sam LOOSES 9lbs in 5 DAYS!!!!

So here we go, results from my 5 day Juice Fast.  Before I do anything though I do want to say how much I enjoyed it and how tasty all the juices were.  So weight a side I would give it a go to try some of the wonderful juices, yum yum.

But here we go MY MEASUREMENTS from before and after the fast!!!

WEIGHT – before 83.1kg (13st 1lb) – AFTER – 79.3kg (12st 5lb) A LOSS OF 9lbs!!!!

RIB CAGE – before 37inch – AFTER 36inch

BELLY BUTTON – before 40inch – AFTER 39inch

LEGS – 17inch – stayed the same

ARMS – before 12inch – AFTER 11inch

Here is a picture of me looking a bit healthier!!! Taken during my fast….


So Juice fast Succesful, a loss of 9lbs!! Not bad for 5 days! 🙂

Also, the other thing is that I am not giving up juicing, I have been doing it for the last 11 months and so I shall continue, it is now part of my life, just like the rebounding and swimming too.  So onward and upward and prepair now for my 10 day juice fast that starts in a week and a half!!

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2 Responses to Juice Fast results- Sam LOOSES 9lbs in 5 DAYS!!!!

  1. Absolutely brilliant Sam. looking great xx

  2. Judith says:

    that is a great achivement esp. when you know how healthy it is

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