To get weighed or not??

To get weighed or not? that is the question

I know many people on ‘diets’ that get a weekly weigh in or some never get weighed, but over the last 11 months I have been getting weighed everyday (just about).  Some might say that this is crazy, but here is my thinking behind getting weighed everyday can be a GOOD thing.

Why get weighed everyday?

  • Getting weighed everyday, means you always know what weight you are
  • Getting weighed each day means you begin to take responsibility for what you eat.  For example, if you pig out one day then that WILL show its self on the scales the next day. By pigging out you create the causes for you to weigh more!!
  • The trouble with a weekly weigh in is, if you have your weigh in on sunday night, then on tuesday you eat 2 chocolate bars.  By the time the Sunday comes round again you are likley to have forgotten what you ate on Tuesday focusing more on what you are on Friday and Saturday. 
  • By weighing yourself everyday it FORCES you to take account of your actions, and if you dont like those scales weighing more, it is down to YOU and what you eat.  If YOU eat more, YOU weigh more. 
  • If your weight goes up this become the reason why you are strict with your self in the following days.  Then you see results, becuase – If YOU eat less YOU also weigh less.

So dont be afraid of the scales use them as your tools to weight loss 🙂


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