Evening Snacking my nemesis!!

OK so its time I am cracking down on my evening snacking.  I can manage in the day time without much to eat, but in the evening I find myself reaching for snacks, luckerly healthy ones like rasins & nuts, BUT I HAVE TO MANY!!! and in the past two days I have had plenty.  Its weird, its like some compulshon to grab a snack, when I am not hungry either!!


So I have decided FROM TODAY!! I am cracking down on my cravings and FROM NOW ON!! This is what I am going to do. 

  1. Have tea every night at what ever time
  2. No matter what AFTER 8pm I can ONLY drink herbal tea
  3. This should sort me out!!!


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One Response to Evening Snacking my nemesis!!

  1. martina says:

    I’ve started doing this too, it really helps, & sometimes I have a hot drink of honey and cinnamon 🙂 apparently cinnamon helps against the cravings… so far so good!

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