Our impure world..

ok so this e-mail soundslike it might be a bit depressing, but it is honestly not meant in that way at all.  In light of the Boston marathon Bombing, it just made me see how deluded our minds can be, that humans would do such a thing to each other.

Our world is littered with delusions, and impurities.  We even eat so called ‘food’ that has never see a fruit and vegitable in its life.  These delusions & impurities hurt us and cause us suffering LOTS OF IT!!!  And because we think ‘We cant stop them’ we never try to do anything at all.  And so we let our mind be swayed with greed, anger and selfishness and our food be poisoned with chemicals, sugars and fats.  By the time we get wrapped up in the self charishing delusions mixed with sugary foods we are pritty messed up!!

The thing is IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS!!!!  What? I hear you say, but other foods are too expensive, and I deserve to have those things, those sugary treat.  I deserve them!!

Do you?………..

Perhaps someone who is starving deserves them more?

Perhaps if you think about others you may also find that they get angery and are suffering, just like you?

So what makes you deserve it more than the next person?

Think about this and before long you will reach the conclusion that you are no different, you suffer, have problems just like the next person.  So here is where a trick come in.

DONT THINK ABOUT YOURSELF, Juist think of other, in fact just CHERISH other ALL THE TIME.   before long this will bring a deep inner peace inside you and problems that ‘appeared’ to be problems will disappear!!


Unfortunatly we live in a world where processed in normal, so reverse this.  Processed food is full of chemicals, fats, sugars and other stuff you have no idea what it is.

If you dont know what it is DONT EAT IT!!!

Montisano are a company that grow genetically modified produce and this stuff is entering our food chain, thing is, we dont know what it will do to us!!  and below is a list of all the companies that montisano supply, its quite big!!


Then of course there is the basic processed foods, bread, pastry, choc bars etc…

If you stay away from processed food you food become more wholesome, more living.  If you ever look at processed food you will realise it has no ‘life’ it also has no taste!!



Is the word!!

eat simple unspoilt, living foods.  Like legumes, nuts, fruit, veg and enjoy a tasty healthy way of life.  I have found since eating this way, I have become –

  • Healthier
  • thinner
  • fitter
  • have more energy
  • enjoy food even more

So give it a good, cut the C**p out of your diet and you feel SO MUCH better, it is amazing!!!  It also makes it harder for our delusions to take a grip of our mind, I can now think clearer, I have energy.  It is the way ahead!!!



We are LIVING BEINGS that need to eat LIVING FOODS.  If we eat dead processed food then we will get fat and die.  Not much of a life that really!!!

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