Blenders!! so many, what to get??

If you are in to Juicing or Smoothie making then an important bit of kit that is required is a good old blender!  Now I am not going to mince my words here, so lets get down to some details.

Blenders have some key things in their making that is worth pointing out, as how these component parts affects your blenders quality.  So when buying a blender think about –

  1. Motor, how powerful is the motor??  The more powerful it is the more ice crushing ability it will have.
  2. Jug – is this made out of glass or plastic??
  3. Cleanability, does it come apart easily
  4. what eatra features does it have, some are food processors as well

I have a very cheap blender, and it has done very well.  BUT I have to say I realise that it is worth spending money on a good blender as they are apiece of kitchen equiptment that gets a lot of punishment.

My blender is below, it cost £14.99 from argos –


So now lets move it up a notch, to the Rolls Royce of blenders.  Ladies and Gentleman may I introduce –


Their blenders use the latest technology, the motors are powerful and the blades spin so fast that they can even heat up the juice and turn it into HOT soup.  Its mind blowing!!  It does come with a price of around £350!!


The Vitamix

The raw community has a deep and long-standing relationship with the Vitamix.  It looks and feels solid and powerful and has controls that are mechanical, rather than digital, so you’re in the driving seat.  It is instantly recognisable on account of the rubber truncheon-like tamper, which you use to push food down onto the blades to make sure every bit gets processed.


The Blendtec

The Blendtec looks more like the sort of blender you see in juice bars, and is widely used in the non-raw community in the States.  It has a closed rubber lid (no tamper) and is controlled by a silicon chip, which means there is a wide range of pre-set programmes to choose from and a digital display showing speed and time.


Both Do A Great Job

Both makes have key features in common:

  • Both blenders have a quality build and will typically last longer than the 7-year warranty
  • Their speed and power leaves ordinary kitchen blenders / food processors standing (including in the noise department!)
  • They are both incredibly versatile, coping well with making flour, crushing ice, making whole food smoothies or juices, and nut butters, soups, spreads, sorbets and sauces
  • Both come with comprehensive instruction and recipe books, with further information and ideas available on the internet
  • Both shut off automatically to prevent overheating

To my mind, the key differences therefore are in the design and handling of these kitchen workhorses:


  • The original raw food kitchen tool.  Sturdy, powerful and long-established
  • Comes with a dial which you use to control power and speed, and a tamper to ensure that all the contents of the jug are processed
  • Owned and loved by an enthusiastic community of owners, many of whom are raw


  • You have to use a manual tamper to help the food to blend thoroughly
  • You need to be in control of the speed / power dial, which means you can’t walk away
  • The Vitamix is bigger and taller than the Blendtec – will it fit under your kitchen cabinets?
  • The Vitamix needs a separate jug for processing dry materials (e.g. grain into flour)


  • No need for a tamper because a vortex is created inside the jug and this pulls the food down onto the blade
  • The unit is more compact, and you can also buy a smaller jug for smaller quantities
  • There are pre-programmed settings for a variety of different foods, which means you can walk away and they will blend and shut off automatically
  • But there also manual settings for all speeds as well, if you prefer, and a separate pulse button
  • The Blendtec blends wet or dry foods, all in the same jug
  • The 2-pronged non-removable blade at the bottom of the jug is easier to clean than the 4-pronged blade of the Vitamix (I think)


  • Hard fruit and vegetables should be cut up into pieces before being put in the jug
  • Some say the Blendtec produces less silky smooth textures than the Vitamix
  • The Blendtec is marginally louder than the Vitamix

I have sourced the following blender info from

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