Sams been Juicing for 1 YEAR TODAY!!!!!

Today is a very special day!  It is exactly one year today that I begun my juicing journey.


One year today I watched ‘Hungry for Change’ by FOODMATTERS amd was inspired.  Being the sort of person I am I dont do things by halfs. I watched Hungry For Change and decided I wanted to eat more fruit and veg in my diet, I was fat, unfit and health and well being was something I decided I wanted.  Juicing for me seemed like an easy way to do this.


I can honestly say without a word of doubt that juicing has literally CHANGED MY LIFE!!!

I used to see myself as someone who was not active, a bit heavy, big boned and a bit fat!!  I for some reason thought that this was me, this was who I am. Here is a pic of ‘the old me’!!


That is until I met Jason Vale and Juice.  My year has been a year of steps, the year kind of went like this, this includes my weight –

  • 28th April, 2012 weighed 102.6 Kg = 16st 2  I bought my juicer on this day and begun my juicing journey!!
  • 28th May, 2012 Weighed 97.6Kg = 15st 5 My weight is starting to come down so this made me feel more motivated
  • 21st June, 2012, Weighed 97.7Kg = 15st 6 As you can see that my weight has not simply been a case of simple weight loss, there were times I put some weight on.  It was these moments that gave me more drive to get the weight off!!
  • 28th Aug, 2012, Weighed 97.1kg = 15st 1 My weight is still coming off but slower now
  • 28th Sept, 2012, Weighed 92.2kg =  14st 7 as you can see suddenly I have lost lots of weight, why? I think I had to go through a few months of slower loss, but when I came out the other side my weight left me faster.
  • 29th Oct, 2012, Weighed 88.5kg = 13st 13 By now I am properly sold on Juice.  I know where this is where the answer lies, but things were about to change in November.
  • 28th Nov, 2012, Weighed 86.9kg = 13st 9 As you can see with persiverance my weight has kept coming off.   BIG changes were afoot this month.  Now I had lost some weight I felt I could take on some physical exercise, and so in November I begun my mini trampoleening or rebounding.
  • 21st Dec, 2012, Weighed 85.9kg = 13st 7 I was so driven to juice I juiced right up to christmas and over my january retreat.
  • 25th Jan, 2013, Weighed 88.3kg = 13st 12 CHRISTMAS!! it soon talkes a toll on you, but I wasnt put off.  I was away all january on retreat so i didnt get as many juices in, but when i came back I started from where I had left off.  With the same drive!!
  • 28th Feb, 2013, Weighed 86.6kg = 13st 8 I shifted my weight over christmas far easier due to me also doing physical exercise.
  • 27th March, 2013, Weighed 83.5kg = 13st 2 In march I begun swimming twice a week as well as doing my rebounding 40mins every morning!  The weight didnt stand a chance!
  • 28th April, 2013, Weighed 80.8kg = 12st 10 TODAY!!!  I have also started doing Kettlecise as well as swimming & rebounding!!  So I am now well on the road to full fitness!
  • What do I look like today????  Like this…….


How much have I lost?

On the

28th April, 2012 weighed 102.6 Kg = 16st 2

28th April, 2013, Weighed 80.8kg = 12st 10

THIS IS A WEIGHT LOSS OF 21.8kg = 3st 6

What have a learn’t?

I have learnt a number of things over the past year, here is a little run down –

  • You CAN be the person you want to be, it doesnt happen overnight but IT CAN be done
  • Juice feeds every cell of your body, there is no need to feel hungry while you loose weight.
  • Decide to do it, then DO IT!!
  • A year ago I would never have seen myself as a sporty, fit person at risk of even becoming ‘to skinny!!!’  It is really something I could never have comprehended, but I have done it.  Now I have my weight down I am trying to tone up and become muscular, fit and healthy
  • Do things in balance, you have to live and you wont always be able to have a juice.  But if juice becomes a part of your life you will feel amazing in the long run

What next?

Well now I have my morning routine, of meditation, exercise, then Juice.  Thoughout my week I have physical exercise planned & meditation planned to look after my mind, body & soul.

Now my aim is to become fitter and even healthier and spread the word.  It is through this blog that this adventure has begun, but I KNOW things are in planning for live events so that more people can get help, find out and be inspired to bring juice and wellbeing into their life.

So here to another year of Juicing!!!Image

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2 Responses to Sams been Juicing for 1 YEAR TODAY!!!!!

  1. Gretchen Joy says:

    Are you only juicing through this journey? How exciting! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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