Sprouters & Beans!


Bean sprouts are GREAT food, because within every bean sprout there is ‘life force’ as the food is still living and not dead.  Because of this they become a great sourse of nutrients in your diet, so beans life alfalfa & mung beans are a great edition to your diet

Some good beans to sprout are –

  • mung bean
  • alfalfa
  • lentils
  • aduzki beans
  • chick peas

The trick is to buy a sprouter, these can range from £7 to £100.  Mine was a present, but they only cost about £7 and work really well.


The trick when sprouting beans is to soak them for long enough, if you dont soak them enough they never properly come to life and begin sprouting.  The table below shows all soaking time for the different things you can sprout.


So I hope this has given you some useful tips, get soaking your beans and sprouting your beans.  You can use bean sprouts in many ways in –

  • Salads
  • smoothies
  • as a healthy snack
  • Sprtead hummous on a ryvita and finish with bean sprouts, yum

So happy sprouting all……

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