Protect your body, protect your mind!

Yesterday was a very special day for me, I recived the empowerment of Dorje Shugden, he is a Buddha who appeares to protect us in our everyday life and our Dharama Practice 


Dorje Shugden is also an emination of Buddha Manjushri, the Buddha of wisdom


Manjushri is also an emination of Je Tsongkarpa, crown ornament of the scholars of the snows

Why do I need protection and wisdom??

You will notice that on each picture above each Buddha is holding a sword.  This is destroy our delusions.  To do this successfully we need protection, through love and compassion and wisdom.

What are delusions?

These are impurities that we experience that affect our whole life and bring lots of suffering!! They make us angry, upset, fat & unfit.  If we destroy these delusions then we can stand a chance of becomeing healthy, fit and happy and be on the way to attaining enlightenment!!

What are some common delusions?

  • Attachment – We may be attached to worldy pleasures, like snacking, watching TV, eating chocolate & cash.  Ture happiness cannot be found in these things even though we may think it can
  • Self cherishing – when we cherish others more than ourselves, unfortunatly we do this a lot
  • Anger – this can arise due to a lack of patience or attachment to an object or person
  • Pride – We may think we are ‘better’ than everyone else, or we may think we deserve a treat!  and so we eat rich foods to feed our delusions and not truly make us happy.  Surly people starving in this world need the food and ‘treat’ more than us!!

Why do I need protection & wisdom from my delusions?

We need protection and wisdom because our world is impure, even the food we eat.  This in turn brings us suffering in many shapes and forms, from anorexia to obesity.  We need to understand a few basic things to move forward.

We need protection from our world of suffering, so we need to see that….

  • .The food available to the masses (like processed food) contain loads of chemicals and impurities.  So we should try and eat as ‘pure’ food as is possible to get hold of.  Fruit and veg & filtered water is a good place to start.
  • The treats we give ourselves, will infact only make us suffer in the long run, through making us fat, lazy and fuelling our pride and self cherishing
  • If we dont do any exercise then our joints will cease up and we will become unfit.

Why do we need wisdom?

Wisdom is very important, we need this because know doubt if you have just read the above list you may be thinking that ‘stopping giving ourselves treat’ WHAT!!! That is stupid!

How can wisdom possibly help me, I dont need that I am fine fit and healthy!

It is true maybe at the moment you are fit and healthy, but here is some news that may make you sit up and really look after yourself!

  • We are all going to die, in fact ‘I may die today’  So appreciate the life and fitness you have NOW.  You have a precious human life, so dont waste it.
  • We need to cherish all living beings
  • We need to take care of ourself so we can help to take all the suffering from all beings when we attain enlightenment, so dont feed our delusions.
  • We need to train our body and mind to help get rid of these delusions, so keep fit and meditate
  • We also have to see the world for what it is, happiness cannot come from external things like chocolate, a big house or car.  It comes from within.  So stop reaching for the chemical filled food and reach for as pure food as possible, fruit and veg, unprocessed.

This will all seem like I am spoiling the party, as know doubt you probably enjoy eating Pizza every Friday night!!  But once you start to use the wisdom to see the world for what it is, you can also start to see the food we are surrounded by for what it also is. 


The less we feed our delusiuons, the happier we will become.

So give the slice of cheese cake, the bag of chrisps a miss and think how good you feel.  Not only that but if you eat some fruit instead you actiually will become healthier and maybe, just maybe live a day or two longer!!!

So feed your body and not your delusions.  The nice thing is we have the Buddhas Dorje Shugden & Manjushri there to help us, so if in doubt just ask for there help 🙂  They will definitly come and help you, infact they are waiting for you to ask for there help right now 🙂

I am a Buddhist and I have found that applying my Buddhist teachings to my everyday life including my diet has helped me so much and has made me a much happier and healthier person.  I am not in any way saying you should become Buddhist, but the Dharma teaching can help every person in this world to find true happiness, which i am sure we all want.

If this has struck a chord and want to find out more, click the link below and find a Dharma centre near you.  There are now over 1000 Kadampa Buddhist Centres around the world.



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