The psychology of a fast

I thought I would write a little about this as I have found it really interesting how my mind changed in fast mode.  Through my fast I was drinking nothing but juices.  I had also allowed myself to eat a few pieces of fruit a day if I really needed to, sort of a fruit SOS if you will.

What was strange is suddenly my mind switched to this ‘wanting mode’ I was sort of craving even idolising unhealthy foods that I couldnt have.  The even funnier thing is now I am off my fast, I no longer want those things and I actually want juices!!  It sounds a bit stange I know but our mind acts in very stange ways at time and 10 days is a long time.

I think sunnedly going fro being able to have anything to only having juices I found hard, one of the most difficult bits. 

I am not going to be fasting again for a little while.  I do feel amazing and interestingly my physical activity has gone up. 

So what has come out of doing the 10 day fast for me??

  • Better health, I know I have a lost a little more weight
  • More physical activity.  I now really enjoy exercise, both body & mind
  • More meditation, I now have a good solid meditation practice
  • A bigger want for juices!!
  • An even bigger desire to live a healthy, fit and active life


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