What Juicer to buy?

Just so you know I have decided to reblog this post as I have recently had more frinds of mine asking advice about what Juicer to buy.  So here is a very useful blog about types of juicers and where to get them from in the UK, I appologie to any readers abroard I am not sure of similar makes overseas, just in the Uk I am afraid.

Thank you and enjoy the Juicer blog…

Juicers? what to buy, what to try?

Posted on March 18, 2013 by

If you have started to look at Juicing you will have realised by now that there are LOADS on the market! ranging from £30 to £3000+  There are also a range of different types of juicers out there!

Your budget? – to begin with decide how much you want to spend.  I know that when I first started I was unsure to spend £200 on a juicer only to let it sit there and not be used, as it turns out I use it everyday!

What type of Juicer? 

Masticating Juicers – These juicers chew up the food and squeeze out all the juice, they are paticularly good at getting the juice out of leafy veg like Kale, wheatgrass & watercress etc..One of the best makers of these juicer is called ‘Champion’ and they will literally last a liftime!


Centrifugal Juicers – These work in a completly different way.  These grate up the fruit and veg so fast and then spin the pulp so all the juice gets exstracted leaving the pulp behind.  This is the sort that I use.  The machine I would recomend would be a Philips HR1871/00 Avance Juicer.  They are good with the veg that has a high water content like celery, carrot, beetroot and apple, but I do juice spinach & kale in mine as well.


My Juicer – My Juicer cost £30, it is a Cookworks Whole Fruit Juicer (with a 3 year warranty that cost £6.99, from Argos) Why do you need to know about that?  Well obiously you can see that, yes I bought the cheapy one!  But heres the trick, juicers, be they expensive or cheap, have a hard life, paticularly the centrifugal type.  So I took out a warranty and as I predicted, within 10 months regular use, one day it stopped working, and because i took the warranty out, I just took it and swapped it for a brand new juicer with a new 3 year warranty!!  This is the juicer I use today


So I think I have kind of covered everything there, but I am going to be posting soon about some tips for juicing as there are some useful things to know about that can help your juicing become easier and more enjoyable.

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  2. Pat stroud says:

    Sage juicer for sale. Hardly used ex condition cost £140 will accept £70 ono

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