Self sabotage, whats that all about!!!

Sometimes the only thing standing in your way to that healthy you, is you!!  Thats right, we want something, but we keep sabotaging our own progress.  The funny thing is there is only one person to blame for our lack of success, increased health or weight loss and that person is US!!!

If you WANT something, then you have to WANT ITMORE than that tub of ice cream, that cheeky chocolate bar!!  and when I say want, I mean really want it, to the point where you can turn that bar of chocolate bar down with ease.

Why do I WANT to stop my sabotaging behaviour?

I probably dont need to tell you why… but to need to know that by not eating these foods you will become a healthier person and live longer.  You need to know this and WANT this, but you need to understand this you have to realise that if you keep snacking on unhealthy food then is there any suprise that your weight continues to go up and you loose your battle with food.

Take the food on with both hand, see this sweet, fatty food for what it is.  YES we think it tastes good, we think it is nice to eat, we think we deserve it, but I am sorry to tell you that all of that is RUBBISH!!! just like the food.

Lay in to the junk food for what it really is, JUNK FOOD is –

  • fatty
  • unhealthy
  • addictive
  • increase body mass
  • makes you obese
  • makes you unfit
  • rots your teeth
  • give you many health problems if eaten to often

so why do you want to eat this rubbish food?

  • what do you like about the fast food / snacks you eat?
  • the things you like about these foods, do they outweigh having good health, living longer, not become obese or diabetic?
  • If you think you want to kick these food then you have to take them with both hands and throw them as far as you possibly can. 

We all deserve lovely health fruits and veg, if we eat foods like this then we will live longer and be all round much healthier.

So next time your thinking about having a chocolate bar, ask yourself if you REALLY need it, because I recon you probably dont!!!!

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One Response to Self sabotage, whats that all about!!!

  1. Storm says:

    I just had a week of BAD foods, now I am back to healthy. My body feels so much better on the healthy stuff. Yay broccoli!!!

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