Be who you want to be………Change


The saying above kind of puts it into a nice phrase about what I am about to blog about.  If you want to lose weight, be healthy than YOU have to do that.  YOu are very important in the whole picture, if you blame your weight on external factors rather than yourself, for eating the food than you will never become the change you want.

For example some common excuses for not living healthly –

  • I like the taste
  • I only eat it on the weekend
  • Just one chocolate bar wont hurt
  • Another slise of cheese should be ok

Unfortunatly as long as you keep your mind in this space you will never lose the weight you want. 

If you are fat and you want to be thin, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE

If you are unfit and want to be fit, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE

If you want to reduce the amount of convenience food you eat, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE

If you want to eat more fruit and veg, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE

There is simply no other way, if you are fat and you want to be thin, you can become thin and aty fat at the same time, you have to change.  Change is a GOOD thing, if we couldnt change the we would always be fat or unfit, but change allows us to turn into the person we WANT to be.

Step 1

Who do you WANT to be? (healthy, thin, fit??)

Step 2

Embrase this person you now want to be, get a picture of when you were thinner, or even use a picture of someone else, looking the way you want to look.

Say goodbye to the old you, there is no room for that person and their old habits in your mind right now

Step 3

Now go all out on becomeing that person, ditch the rubbish food, start juicing, start exercising, and say to yourself

“This is me, I am a fit, healthy, kind, loving person.  There is no space for processed Junk food or unhealthy snacks in my life.  I want to nurish every cell in my body with fruit and vegitables and physical exercise on a daily basis.  I love and charish all living beings including myself”


If you say this mantra to yourself EVERY morning then over time you will start to become the person you want to be.



Remeber if you stay where you are you will never know who you could have become!!

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