Its hard being healthy, if you eat rubbish!

I have realised that there are so many things that we are surrounded by that make us unhealthy, that it makes living healthy difficult.

Also so many calorific things that just go straight on our waist.  I have worked out if I eat a chocolate bar 249 calories I have to work for 20mins on the treadmill for just to work that one choc bar off!!!  So be aware the more crap and rubbish you eat then the more energy you have to use or it will go straight to your hips!!!!

Fruit and veg seems to just work naturally and is not an extreme source of energy like sugar and fats that we consume in processed foods.  Eating fresh and living foods certainly helps.  But just remember if you eat a chocolate bar, that has an effect.  I am not saying dont eat chocolate, I am really saying, if you do eat chocolate, what exercise are you doing tp compensate for that???  If you are doing no exercise then maybe you should leave the chocolate alone?  Just what i have been thinking at the moment.



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