We all need some Love & Compassion!

Yesterday was a loverly day, I had an empowerment of the 1000 armed Avelokiteshvara – Buddha of Compassion at Manjushri KMC in Cumbria.  The weather was glorious and the teachings were out of this world, such a meaningful way to spend a day.


It got me thinking how much we all need to have Compassion near us, as we can become so self obsessed and forget about other suffering, but everyday people are suffering.  Even if someone only slightly suffers to me this is still suffering and so they need some love and compassion.  The more we think about this the less we cherish ourself and the more we cherish other.

Think about how other people suffer, there are many ways, through –

  • illnesses
  • accidents
  • arguments
  • bad health
  • dieases
  • colds
  • coughs
  • bereavements

The list could go on forever, so begin today thinking about that suffering, and maybe having a wish to take away all that suffering from all living beings,

but this cant be done can it??

Through the wisdom teachings of Dharma you can begin to find ways of deeply wishing to take away all the suffering from all living beings.

REMEMBER nothing is possible if you dont imagine doing it first, if you really deeply imagine taking the suffering from ALL Living beings then it WILL happen either in this or future lives, when you reach Enlightenment.

But just to have in mind that wish to take other living beings suffering, will naturally increase your love and compassion for others and make you act in a far more virtuous way, and decrease your own self cherishing, which is always a good thing.  We cherish ourselves FAR to much.

So keep in mind other peoples suffering and have love and compassion for all!!


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