World Environment day! Something HAS to give!!!!

Ok so I may be a bit late to post this but better late than never.  Our world is an important place, but we keep messing it up time after time, with our industrialisation of food production.  Something has to give, we just cannot go on like this anymore.


Progress is not always industrial answers to our food problems, as I belive that often the addition of the chemicals, fertilisers on our food mean we then eat impure food that then kills us.  We HAVE to take one step back.  Progress I belive is looking what we are able to do, but not doing it, instead making the correct choices for all.  The trouble is that one big stubling block, which is also quite powerful is – capatatalism, unfortunatly money brings power and an ability to steer the mass population in beliving they want something that they dont.

With all the mass media, adverts, and advertising & corporations that sell us the stuff, they turn us into robots.  They programme us to buy things then put them on the shelves for us to buy at cheap prices, that make us illl so we then need more things to make us better and so the cycle continues!!!


So, what can you do?

TALK CONTROL!!!! Simply dont buy and support the big coorporations, buy local, grow your own, buy organic and downsize your life.  You want to be life size not SUPERSIZE right?  so take action.  The ONLY way you can ever stand a chance of looking after our world is to do something, however big or small.  So start recycling, support your local shop and downsize NOT supersize!!!


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