Is there a problem? only you know the answer…

What I have been realising recently is that how we percive things can literally change our whole world and everything in it. 

If we choose to go about life with our head down, thinking that we cannot control anything, We will feel like we have failled and we will never get what we think want..  Then I am guessing that life will seem pritty depressing, dark and negative.


What I have been reading recently are teachings that basically turn the world and EVERYTHING in it on its head.  The true world we live in is not and external world, it is within us.  The true pure world free from sufferering, is with us all the time.  We dont have to travel to a destination to get it, save up any money to get it, we dont even need to possess it, as it is right there within us all.

The ONLY thing we have to do is WANT IT

If we have that WISH, intention to get it then we shall.  Maybe in this or one of our future lives.  

This whole things for me starts with the concept that Happyness is a mind, just like Unhappyness is also a mind.  How we get those mind is down to how we choose to percive the object, situation around us.

for example…

You go into a sweet shop,


You wish to buy a bag of toffees, but unfortunatly they have sold all their toffees and have no other toffees in the shop.

There are many ways you could react to this situation –

  1. Get angry at the lady and storm out the shop, slamming the door and telling all your friends it is a rubbish sweet shop
  2. Thank the lady for her kindness in serving you and accept there are no toffees, also think about all of the joy that the other people got from the toffees.  Continue to use the shop regularly.

You are free to choose how you will react but by choosing option two you move your ind to a much more positive place.

So lets try another….

Someone scratches your car in a supermarket car park


So this is your car above, there are a number of ways you can react..

  2. Get a bit annoyed with having to deal with the incident when you have somewhere to be at!!  You will now be late!
  3. Think about the person that did it, what caused them to do it.  Their mind must be in a bad place to do such vanadlism to a car for no reason.  Fo this reason show that person Love & Compassion.  And with this light mind, calmly and peacfully call up a scratch repair place, understanding that you need a sctach fixing on a meaningless lump of metal that we have imputed ‘car’ on. 

By using the the theird responce you are using wisdom and compassion together, on the one hand showing the perpetrators compassion for the bad negative actions, then on the other had you are using wisdom, in understanding that the car, does not actually exist.  It is just a big lump of cars parts that individually do not make a car, and so what is there to be upset about.  You can also use Karma also in thinking that you must have done this in the past and this is your negative karma ripening.

I would only become hot, bothered and angry if I hold an attachment to the percived car.  If I possess the non existant object.  My delusions would then make me act in a very deluded way by the way how people treat it.  In truth a car is meaningless and does not actually exist, so why get angry and upset about it.

Though you may think some of this sounds strange and weird, once you start to get your head around it it does make more sense.

To find out where you can access teachings of a buddhist nature folow the link below



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