The meaning of life…..

I can remember when I was young you always have loads of questions, but then there is always that BIG question….

What is the meaning of life?

The funny thing is that most peoples minds at this point switch off or simply dont have the time to go into suficiently, or they simply have no idea!!!

Over the last 5 years I have been getting in to Buddhism and the funny thing is, is that, I think the answers are contained in the texts I have been reading, called Dharma.  These were taught by Buddha Shakyamuni and are a presentation of Buddhas 84.000 teachings!


I have been following Kadampa Buddhism and my spiritual Guide Venerable Geshla Kelsang Gyatso.

I am going to try and explain what it has meant to me and how it has changed my life!

To begin with we have to look at this completly differently.  Rather than,

what is the meaning of life?

We actually need to say to ourself

How can I give my life meaning?

Well let me tell you how I have given my life meaning.  I should warn you at this point, should you choose to give this a try it might completly CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better!!!!!

The Dharma is very powerful stuff and when practices with the correct intention it can have limitless results for the practitioner and the people around the practitioner.  There are a few key points that I must make clear.

Why I practice Dharma?

  1. For the benifit of all living beings and my wish to take away all of their suffering in this and countless other future lives.
  2. To reach enlightenment, so I can then have the ability to do everything in my first point.
  3. To find inner peace
  4. To train my mind so that I will sponaniously cherish others, show compassion to others and love others more than myself ALL THE TIME!

As you can see from the above the reason WHY I am doing it is actually not for my own benifit at all.  One thing I have learnt about Dharma is.

The more you cherish and love those around you, the happier you become

So it is VITAL that you get this part of what the Dharma teachings are all about, it is only with this that you can start to tackle what ‘the meaning of life’ truely is.

For me the TRUE meaning of life can be found in somthing called ‘Ultimate Truth’ or ‘Emptyness’  and although this might seem as a bit of a cliff hanger, I am not actually going to attempt to explain it.  What I am going to advise is instead going to a teaching about it.

As luck would have it teaching on this subject can be found in these places, book onto a course and enjoy.

Edmonton –

New York –

There is also a really good book that has a whole section on Emptyness, called ‘The New Meditation Handbook’ and is available here, just click the link..

new med handbook

I do not want to attempt to explain something so profound that I might just confuse issue.  If you really want to know you can message me and I will of course reply to any messages.

So I hope this post has helped you on the way to finding ‘The meaning of life’  🙂

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