Back to work!!


Imageok so our holiday is over and now its back to work for us all!!  Now is also a good time to think –

Is this what I want to do?

Now that might seem strange, but are you happy in your job or not?, dont forget you can decide what you want to do.  In that I mean in terms of what job you do and everything you do in your life.

Do you enjoy your work


Or do you hate your job


EVEN if you think you have no choice in the work you do, THEN you can decide the mind to take when at work, is it a mind wishing to leave in minuite you arrive or one that cherishes all those around you at work and enjoys every minuite?

Think, you always have a choice.  The choice is always yours and what you choose will have a great effect on your life.  So choose wisely, the right thing to do may not be the most money making or easyest, but it might be the most all round nourishing thing to do for your body, spirit and mind


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