The Juice Club

Why not start the new term off on the right foot, come along to The Juice Club, in Goole

THE JUICE CLUB is a partnership between

The Courtyard, Goole


Live4unow a wellbeing blog set up and run by Sam Pirt

THE JUICE CLUB – is aimed at promoting all round wellbeing through all aspects of your lifestyle.  The Juice Club is not your regular ‘dieting’ club.  it is a way of life!!


  SEPTEMBER 19TH, 2013

AT The Courtyard, Boothferry Rd  Goole DN14 6AE  STARTS 7.30

For FREE tickets call – Tel 01405 837100

Tickets available on the door – FREE ENTRY

The evening will consist of  –

Film Screening of HUNGRY FOR CHANGE,

JUICE TASTING!, Juicing demo

Talk, Discussion

hungry for change

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