Porridge Cakes, yum yum!!!

So I tried making these this morning for an experiment.  I LOVE PORRIDGE!!! 


And I thought there is more you can do with porridge so I gave it a go, and they came out fantastic!!

The only ingridients I used were –

  • Porridge oats (ideally organic if you can get them)
  • Bran
  • water

So basically use the above ingredients to make up a portion of porridge, but where as you would normally take it off the stove and eat it, cook it for longer so the porridge goes very very thick.  But dont let it go too far other wise it will end up like rubber. 

So then at this point you an either let it cool or using a spoon portion it up and roll out into patties using the bran like bread crumbs.


That the question?  You can eatheir eat them as they are with jam   or spead them with pesto or once cooled you can add bits of cheese or even fish and make fishcakes.

They are so so easy and cheap top make give it a try, Porridge cakes, good and healthy for you, who said you have to eat porridge from a bowl???


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