I’m Spinning around!!

Ok, so you might wonder what this post is all about, well, its all about spinning!.  Not spinning around and getting dizzy but Spinning in the form of exercise bikes.  I have done 4 classes now and I have to say I am enjoying it.

What is it?

Spinning is a 1 hour long class on bikes that use a small lever to change the gears, the higher the gear the more resistence and buy ITS HARD!!!  I always feel like I have had a great workout afterwards and it really really keeps you fit!! 


What to expect?

To work hard, blasting music and sweat and lots of it!!!  There is no getting away from the fact that Spinning is hard, but you will be pleased to know that because you control your own gears if you can ‘t manage the gear the instructor says just dont go there and move it down a level, you can always work up to it.

How much can you loose?

Well in my last session I lost 630 cal in 1 hour!  so it really is a great way of burning those calories

What do I need to wear?

Just wear something comfortable and you will be fine

What should I not forget?

Always try to get to the class early so you can get your bike adjusted etc..

Always take a bottle of water

Always take a sweat towel

Always take your drive and motivation to work as hard as you possibly can, then you will see the results of a great workout.



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