Have a meaningful Christmas….

ITS NEARLY CHRISTMAS!!!! ok yes I said Christmas, in November! But now I have your attention I can begin.

Christmas is portrayed as a happy joyful time of year, with lots of food, presents, family all coming together to share this time. We pin hopes & expectations on Christmas and expect it to live up to these romantic ideas we have in our heads.



BUT Christmas is actually a very difficult time of year for many people, it is a time of year where we miss the loved ones that have died that year, people can get disappointed with the presents the get or dont get and of course there are the family fall outs too!! Christmas doesnt sound so appealing now does it.

But I am not trying to put a spanner in the works and make you think of Christmas as a bad time, I am not saying we shouldn’t have Christmas either. I am simply saying we all need to remember what Christmas is about, and we should try and hold these values all year, not just at Christmas.

The current financial climate at the moment means many people are struggling to make ends meet (me included) and so this makes buying presents, decorations difficult. My answer to this is simple, in truth, the presents, decorations and food we eat over Christmas are completely meaningless. They are simply not important AT ALL.

What IS IMPORTANT is that we cherish, love all the people we come into contact with. To give Cherishing Love costs nothing and there is a never ending supply. We can give this to family, strangers, people who are missing loved ones, people who are working over Christmas, people who are in hospital, people who have no home for Christmas. When you start to do this you will soon realize that there is probably someone else out there who is maybe suffering like or even worse than you. We need to love and cherish all the people who are suffering, the truth is everyone is suffering in there own way.

Now some people will be saying – Christmas without a Christmas tree – not possible !- You need presents at Christmas – You have to have a Christmas Cake and a tree – the truth is you dont need any of it.
If Santa were to ask you right now, WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS?, I am guessing everybody would say they
WANT TO BE HAPPY. This is because we all want to be happy.

BUT the true source of happiness does not lie in the presents, tree, cake, decorations, cards etc… You see Happiness comes from within, and one of the best ways to find it is simply to cherish and love all beings. The more with think about and cherish others, the less we obsess about our-self and our needs, and as if by magic our own suffering decreases and other around us become happy!!!.

So the question you should be asking yourself this Christmas is NOT what do YOU want for Christmas? but instead you should ask, what do all the people in the world want for Christmas? and the answer is simple….. to be loved and cherished and that costs nothing.

So don’t listen to the adverts, the hype, the marketing, the shops, the peer pressure to buy things. All you have to do is just listen to your heart and give lots of cherishing love this Christmas, to everybody and make this Christmas a truly meaningful Christmas.


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