The dalai Lama – How long can he keep this up?

How long can the Dalai Lama really avoid the Dorje Shugden issue?
I would have thought there would be only so much he can do, and so long he can go, before he has to speak. Surely people in the western world are starting to see that something isnt right with the Dalai Lama. As they hear more and more about his actions towards innocent monks, his banning of them to his teachings and even worse things.

Surely people are starting to get suspicious, and they are right to be suspicious. In a world where Human rights and Democracy and now on the agenda and we can actually do something in a non violent way. Surely it is our job NOW as Shugden practitioners to get the world to talk about these human rights issues.

I always remember something in the teachings that said, if you can do something about a problem, then address it and deal with it, if you cant then do not get angry and stressed.

As Shugden Practitioners we CAN do something about this, we CAN speak out from a personal perspective, and tell the world about these violations of human rights that are going on right now!! that is not taking a negative or angry mind as we have compassion for the Dalai Lama, but we also have compassion for the Monks and Nuns and the suffering they are going through.
We have a responsibility to tell the world, and get the Dalai Lama to talk and explain his actions.
#dalailamatruth #dalailama #democracy #humanrights


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