PLEASE HELP – Kenyans being evicted from their homes


As we speak the Kenyan Government is burning the homes of the Kenyan people and evicting them from their homes and even burning their homes.
SIGN THE PETITION NOW and try to put pressure on the Kenyan Government to stop this horrible atrocity from getting any worse than it already is.
The pictures show some of the troops evicting the innocent people and the homeless families….

The army evicting innocent families
Families have to leave and become homeless
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Have a meaningful Christmas….

ITS NEARLY CHRISTMAS!!!! ok yes I said Christmas, in November! But now I have your attention I can begin.

Christmas is portrayed as a happy joyful time of year, with lots of food, presents, family all coming together to share this time. We pin hopes & expectations on Christmas and expect it to live up to these romantic ideas we have in our heads.



BUT Christmas is actually a very difficult time of year for many people, it is a time of year where we miss the loved ones that have died that year, people can get disappointed with the presents the get or dont get and of course there are the family fall outs too!! Christmas doesnt sound so appealing now does it.

But I am not trying to put a spanner in the works and make you think of Christmas as a bad time, I am not saying we shouldn’t have Christmas either. I am simply saying we all need to remember what Christmas is about, and we should try and hold these values all year, not just at Christmas.

The current financial climate at the moment means many people are struggling to make ends meet (me included) and so this makes buying presents, decorations difficult. My answer to this is simple, in truth, the presents, decorations and food we eat over Christmas are completely meaningless. They are simply not important AT ALL.

What IS IMPORTANT is that we cherish, love all the people we come into contact with. To give Cherishing Love costs nothing and there is a never ending supply. We can give this to family, strangers, people who are missing loved ones, people who are working over Christmas, people who are in hospital, people who have no home for Christmas. When you start to do this you will soon realize that there is probably someone else out there who is maybe suffering like or even worse than you. We need to love and cherish all the people who are suffering, the truth is everyone is suffering in there own way.

Now some people will be saying – Christmas without a Christmas tree – not possible !- You need presents at Christmas – You have to have a Christmas Cake and a tree – the truth is you dont need any of it.
If Santa were to ask you right now, WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS?, I am guessing everybody would say they
WANT TO BE HAPPY. This is because we all want to be happy.

BUT the true source of happiness does not lie in the presents, tree, cake, decorations, cards etc… You see Happiness comes from within, and one of the best ways to find it is simply to cherish and love all beings. The more with think about and cherish others, the less we obsess about our-self and our needs, and as if by magic our own suffering decreases and other around us become happy!!!.

So the question you should be asking yourself this Christmas is NOT what do YOU want for Christmas? but instead you should ask, what do all the people in the world want for Christmas? and the answer is simple….. to be loved and cherished and that costs nothing.

So don’t listen to the adverts, the hype, the marketing, the shops, the peer pressure to buy things. All you have to do is just listen to your heart and give lots of cherishing love this Christmas, to everybody and make this Christmas a truly meaningful Christmas.


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What Juicer?, thats the question?

ok, so there are many juicers now out on the market and all have different  good and bad points, but, you need to find the right juicer for you.  If you want to juice fast and get going, perhaps a centrifugal jucer is the best type, if you have a bit more time, then maybe go for a mastercating juicer.

centrifugal jucers

These vary greatly in price, from under £20 to over £300.  If it was me you should start with a £30 juicer, like the cookworks one below –


This is available from argos at £30, a perfect entry level juicer

watch for more Juicy info on Jucers soon!!!

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I’m Spinning around!!

Ok, so you might wonder what this post is all about, well, its all about spinning!.  Not spinning around and getting dizzy but Spinning in the form of exercise bikes.  I have done 4 classes now and I have to say I am enjoying it.

What is it?

Spinning is a 1 hour long class on bikes that use a small lever to change the gears, the higher the gear the more resistence and buy ITS HARD!!!  I always feel like I have had a great workout afterwards and it really really keeps you fit!! 


What to expect?

To work hard, blasting music and sweat and lots of it!!!  There is no getting away from the fact that Spinning is hard, but you will be pleased to know that because you control your own gears if you can ‘t manage the gear the instructor says just dont go there and move it down a level, you can always work up to it.

How much can you loose?

Well in my last session I lost 630 cal in 1 hour!  so it really is a great way of burning those calories

What do I need to wear?

Just wear something comfortable and you will be fine

What should I not forget?

Always try to get to the class early so you can get your bike adjusted etc..

Always take a bottle of water

Always take a sweat towel

Always take your drive and motivation to work as hard as you possibly can, then you will see the results of a great workout.



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Todays National Poetry Day!!!

Thats right everyone, its National poetry day!!! how exciting is that!

So how can you celebrate this great day?

  1. read a poem
  2. write a poem
  3. read and write a poem
  4. go and see a poet

So many possibilities,, so try writing a poem right now!



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Graet day at Goole Farmers Market

I have just had another great day promoting THE JUICE CLUB and the Live4unow blog.

I took along lots of juice for people to try while I handed out leaflets about the next Juicy event!


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THE JUICE CLUB first ever event TOMORROW (Thursday)

Thats right, The Juice Club is just around the corner!!! 


AT The Courtyard, Boothferry Rd  Goole DN14 6AE  STARTS 7.30

For FREE tickets call – Tel 01405 837100

Tickets available on the door – FREE ENTRY

Really looking forward to it, I made an appearance on David Burns on Radio Humberside and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing!!!.  I am really hoping we get a good turn out and people can discover the joys of juicing.

So if you are unsure whether to come or not, get yourself down to The Courtyard in Goole tomorrow night ITS FREE!!! and how many things can you get for free nowadays.

There is going to be a film screening, juice tasting, discussion & Q&A session.

See you tomorrow 🙂 Sam



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