The old and new me!

ok so I think its time I come clean about how much i actually weighed and how much I weigh now.

On 28th April, 2012 I weighed 102.6kg  (16st 2lb)

the old samOOO

On 28th April, 2013, Weighed 80.8kg  (12st 10)


THIS IS A WEIGHT LOSS OF 21.8kg = 3st 6

But how and why did I do it???

I WAS FAT! lets not beat about the bush, I was also finding it more and more difficult to be so physical when performing and it wasnt nice.  But with all of that one thing got me going down this path and belive it or not, my story begun with watching a film called ‘Hungry for change – your life in your hands’ and that was me off on the journey.

The same week watching the film I went out and bought a juicer and I have NEVER looked back.  Overnight my fruit and vegitable intake went through the roof, I was literally getting a juice high, on all the vitamins & minerals entering my blood stream.  The most amazing thing is that I still get this now, 10 months down the line!!

So a few months in I had lost a good bit of weight but I wanted to loose more so I knew that the answer lied in exercise, and so Jason Vale (or Juice master as he is also know) was championing the mini Trampoleen, or rebounding as its otherwise known.  I saw argos had one for sale for £30 so I bought it (BIG MISTAKE) never buy a cheap mini trampoleen.  I hurt my back on it, but that didnt stop me, I was lucky enough to get a Belicon Rebounder for christmas and just kept going, feeling better and better day by day!!

So then I was after even more exercise, and only about two weeks ago I decided I was also going to start going swimming, and what a great decision I had made.  So now my life is filled with a few things music, meditation, mini trampoleening, juicing & swimming in no paticular order.  Al though drinking juice on a trampoleen is NOT adviced!!!

Which bring me up to today.  I have not lost as much as I want to yet so I am still  on the path but the only difference is, where as before I seemed to be coping with life now I am truly LIVING life.  Every drop of green juice feels like I am drinking LIFES NECTAR!!!  it energises me and makes me feel fresh, focused and ready for anything.

I will be expanding aspects of this journey throughout my blog but I just felt I best give you a bit of a low down on me so far!!!


5 Responses to The old and new me!

  1. What a wonderful story of achievement! Congratulations on your hard work, and much luck in continuing your goal towards health.

  2. LouiseUsher says:

    That’s brave to be so honest. Well done for taking the bull by the horns!

  3. young'un sean says:

    well done sam that’s fantastic

  4. Kerry Whitehouse says:

    That’s fantastic Sam! Well done!

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