Why ‘Live 4 u now’

I figured I should just explain why I have given the blog this name ‘Live 4 u now’

The reason really stems from some of my Buddhist teachings, thinking about our precious human life we have and we really really dont want to loose it!!

So how can we keep this health, in fact rather than just surviving, how can we make ourself healthier, fitter and who knows even live longer!!  Well the answer lies in living an all round healthy lifestyle.  This is what I have been trying to do now for a while and I feel lot better for it.

I dont want to just drag through life I want to LIVE life, not next week, not tomorrow right NOW! So that I can be fit and healthy and try and bring more happiness to more peoples lives.  That is quite hard to do in a hospital bed, so essentially, the longer I can be healthy then the better position I am in to help bring more happiness to peoples lives! :)

Right NOW, not tomorrow, NOW :)

So more and more people have been asking me what I have been doing and I am now even helping the odd person with advice etc.. so i figuered I needed a place where all these people can discuss all this stuff and a blog seemed the best answer.

So ‘Live 4 u now’ is by no means a selfish message, its message is, really to –

Try and be the healthiest person in both mind and spirit as you can possibly be so that you can be happy and bring happiness to all those around you :)

So that is why ‘Live 4 u now’ exists :D

Any comments, assistance in spreading the ‘live 4 u now’ message would be greatly appreciated!!


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